Hello readers!

Welcome to my blog!

The creation of this blog has been a long time coming. Over the past four years, I have created a number of blogs only to decide that I ultimately hated them and deleted each one. That was my trend- create, write, over-obsess, hate, delete. I don’t expect this blog to follow that trend though.

During my college years spent trying to pursue a career in journalism, an editor once told me to find my niche. More recently, a teacher I worked with told me to be bold in everything that I do. This blog reflects my life after taking heed to those small pieces of advice, setting some goals and working my butt off to achieve them. I found my niche or as I call it, My Purpose and I am boldly pursuing my dreams and sharing my voice. I have identified some areas where I need to grow. I have also found some areas that I’d like to explore and learn more about. But most of all, I feel like I have found Me!

This blog has been created to document my experiences living and working abroad. Oh yea, I’m moving to the United Arab Emirates in a few months to teach ESOL and Literacy in an international school…It will also take a comparative look at some education practices and policies currently in place around the world. I’m not looking to solve the world’s education woes, but I do want to learn how and what other societies teach their children and look comparatively at how we teach ours. Essentially, I think we (American educators) need to adopt the idea of developing the whole child through teaching that promotes basic/foundational understandings as well as global awareness, community service, inquiry and life-long learning. In addition to sharing my own experiences and some global education perspectives, I also plan to share some of my favorite things on topics such as: Atlanta, Culture, Food, Books, Travel and The Global Classroom.

Until next time, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of my travels from over the years.

God is good, life is great and I’m having FUN!

2 thoughts on “Hello readers!

  1. Just came across your blog and I truly was inspired by reading it. I have always wanted to write and travel, teach abroad, or just experience another culture but raising my kids, working And the biggest obstacle of all “fear of the unknown” would stop me. But I have become sooooo uplifted and inspired reading the blogs and articles posted by all of the travelers on Travel Noire. Thank you and please continue to lift and climb. BURCIE

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