About Erin Michelle

I am a third-generation educator, athlete and writer on a journey to GO!

I was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. Even though my childhood and adult schooling took place in Atlanta, I consider myself a student of the world. My early years in Los Angeles exposed me to friends and neighbors from different countries around the world. Growing up in Atlanta exposed me to the richness of Black History and down-home Southern values. The essence of who I am results from these experiences.

I want to experience the world, however home is extremely important to me and I believe that my mission field exists both locally and abroad.

I’m excited about the future and possibilities that lie ahead of me as I follow in the footsteps of my two grandmothers, mother and aunts who were educators. Next year, I will be teaching Elementary English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and Literacy education in an international school in the United Arab Emirates. Somewhere along the way I may decide to pursue a PhD in International and Comparative Education then eventually move into education policy. For now, I’m just enjoying where God has placed me.

I started this blog to find my voice as a writer and educator.

Thank you for your interest in my journey!

-Erin Michelle

♥ The Cosmopolitan Educator ♥

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